IPM Technology

Applying Leading Technology to Optimize IP Operations

Systems and data are the foundation of our service model. We’re at the forefront of applying new technologies to improve the performance of IP operations. From automation to workflow we are continuously exploring how systems and data can improve the quality and reduce the cost of creating and managing IP.

The Ultimate IP Operations Platform

Law firms and corporate IP departments have long struggled with finding software that satisfies their docketing requirements while also providing an attorney-friendly system. HeliosComplete™ is the first IPM solution that meets the full range of needs.

Leveraging easy-to-deploy web-based technologies the system nevertheless provides the industry’s most sophisticated system including docketing, document management, electronic filing and automation through direct PTO data access.

The Industry’s Most Advanced Docketing Module

Country laws are at the core of effective prosecution management. Combining our global community of docketing experts and access to electronic PTO data, DocketEngine offers the most comprehensive, accurate and capable docketing module available on the market.

IDS Manager
Finally Get Your Arms Around Filing IDSs

Managing IDSs are every teams nightmare. Between huge lists of references, cross-family citations and IDS trigger events, the IDS requirement is one of the most risky parts of US prosecution. Perhaps more concerning is that most teams manage their IDSs in spreadsheets.

To help solve the IDS challenge we’ve built IDS Manager, the industry’s most advanced end-to-end IDS solution. Part of our HeliosComplete™ platform, IDS Manager automates every step in the process from IDS trigger events to filing. References are managed in a structured electronic library that captures source, citation history, and other relevant tracking meta-data. Filings forms including original SB08 and their reference copies are saved. Users are able to fully track the process to ensure efficiency and timeliness of filing.

Global IP Data
Data Drives High Performance IP Operations

The digitization of PTOs brings a wealth of opportunity for electronic data. But while availability has improved, a significant challenge remains for tapping into these information storehouses.

Our Global IP Data program is focused on continuously leveraging data to improve how we support IP operations. We’ve developed proprietary interfaces to major PTO data sources, as well as partnered with leading third-party IP data services to offer the most comprehensive data possible. Our data access enables expanded automation and quick access to the information needed for efficient and accurate decision making.

Examiner Reports
Insights to Help Make Better Prosecution Decisions

USPTO file wrapper data provides a wealth of information about patent prosecution. By understanding the historical trends of art units and examiners, applicants are able to make more intelligent and effective prosecution decisions.

To leverage this data, we have partnered with Twin Dolphin Software to offer Examiner Reports that provide deep insights to all aspects of prosecution: from office action timing to allowance rates. Clients can analyze across art units and specific examiners, drilling down into action types, rejection types and other key prosecution activities.

What’s Driving the High Cost of IP Operations?