Support and Operations

Optimize Your IP Operations

We have developed Helios services to provide integrated resources that work as a direct part of your day-to-day team. We augment your existing processes to add value and relieve staff workload pressures without the disruption caused by outsourcing services.

Patent & Trademark Docketing

We manage all incoming and outgoing prosecution activities including PTO, law firm, and foreign associate correspondences. Information is fully validated and checked against official records and our proprietary DocketEngine™ global prosecution procedures. We provide full docketing, or augment your internal resources to improve resource utilization and productivity.

Information Disclosure Statements

We provide complete end-to-end IDS management from tracking new prior art across the family, to completing and filing IDS and disclosure forms. A complete turnkey solution including access to our IDS system platform, IDS expert staff, and a fixed rate subscription program.

Foreign Filing, EP Validations and National Stage Entry

Helios streamlines the global filing process from strategy through execution. We manage your agent network and ensure that all filing requirements are met with expert knowledge of each country’s procedures. Clients have full control and transparency into the process linked directly to their docketing system.

Patent Annuities and Trademark Renewals

Helios annuities and renewals service enable clients to eliminate the risk and complexity of their maintenance decisions, while minimizing the cost. We have developed a unique direct-pay process that avoids unnecessary intermediary handling and currency fees, and time consuming foreign agent and POA formalities. Clients pay a fixed monthly service fee with no conversion markups.

Reporting and Portfolio Analysis

Helios IP business intelligence services provide clients the reporting and analysis they need to understand their portfolio and support decision-making. Using advanced BI tools we work with both internal and external data to build comprehensive analytics

What’s Driving the High Cost of IP Operations?