About The Helios Team

We Are a Team of Expert IP Professionals

Paralegal and IP Specialists

Patents and trademarks, docketing, U.S. filing, foreign filing, renewals, formalities, client support

IP Operations Managers

IP operations managers

Matter management, portfolio transfers, docket reporting, portfolio analytics, financial tracking

System Data Technologists

IP software and tools, electronic PTO data, system interfaces, data integrity, document management

Annuities, Renewals and Formalities

Full service patent and trademark maintenance including assignment and other formalities through extensive global network.

Patent Annuities

International Renewals Group, offering cost-effective, transparent process and advanced data verification.

Foreign Filing and Translations

An industry leader in foreign filing and translations, assisting law firms and corporations in streamlining PCT national stage entry, EP Validations, Direct Filing and Trademarks.

Patent Search & Analysis

Patent research and analysis including FTO, invalidity, patentability and advanced analytics.

Chicago, IL

A full-service intellectual property law firm working with SMB clients. Industries include medical, software, clean technology and consumer goods

Minneapolis, MN

A IP boutique working with clients in all facets of IP portfolio development. Technologies include chemical, mechanical and electrical.

IP Software

Complete IPM platform for patents, trademarks and other IP assets.

Patent Data

EPO provides EP and global patent data for electronic docketing.

Global Patent Data

US, EP and global full text and prosecution data.

Solution Platform

End to End IP management build on the Microsoft stack.

Enterprise Integration

Leveraging Office 365, Sharepoint, and Dynamics to support our IP services.

Integrated IP Solutions

Purpose build solutions that combine data and IP processes.

Application Development

Business driven software with IP expertise.

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